Program Success

Annual Programs and Events

The following programs have been paramount in creating a multilingual and multicultural environment at the Abbey, focused on personal enrichment and intellectual growth. These programs are a few examples of the successful and expanding organizations The Eur-Am Center continues to welcome and cultivate.

Stage de Musique Ancienne

Young students studying ancient music (Renaissance and Baroque) prepare weekend concerts open to all. Voice ensembles, orchestra, chamber music and Renaissance dance workshops are offered during the afternoon in the summer months.

University of Southern Mississippi (USM)

With courses taught in English, students have the opportunity to earn between 12 to 18 credits transferable to the University of Southern Mississippi. Students can choose from a variety of courses from first and second year classes, required by most universities for graduation.

University of Michigan International Trumpet Institute

This program is led by faculty professor William Campbell whereupon trumpet students rehearse at the Abbey, perform with students from local Loire Valley based conservatories and perform a concert for the community in the Abbey of Pontlevoy’s chapel, Notre Dame des Blanches.

University of Washington

The Pontlevoy Drama Collective includes Lecoq movement technique, Object and Space based devised work- inspired by Tadeusz Kantor's Crictor 2 Theatre- Puppetry and Mask techniques as well as workshops solo work and music theatre.

Madonna University

Culture and world language courses are offered during the month of May and June.

Le Centre

Art and Performing Arts undergraduate and graduate level courses taught in English, Students earn up to 6 credits filling core courses required by most universities or students can choose to concentrate on a performing or visual arts discipline offered, and enter a course that brings an international guest faculty from some of the most recognized institutions in the world together, where students can expand and refine their knowledge of their chosen field of study. All performing and visual art students have the opportunity to consult on, or perform in, the creation of a new work that may be presented in ‘Connexion: Festival Internationale de Arts Émergents’ held at the end of every program of study.

The European Landscape Educational Exchange Partnership (ELEE)

The Eur-Am Center worked with The European Landscape Educational Exchange Partnership (ELEE) to transform the Abbey's historic gardens into an outdoor living laboratory for design, preservation, and horticulture.

Un Sens Á Ma Vie

Every spring, the local Catholic diocese organizes a weekend youth retreat at the Abbey, with activities including adoration, discussion groups, evening prayer vigils, and a mass in the chapel. More than 400 participants from throughout France attend the event, which fosters spiritual growth and personal enrichment for the youth. The weekend's activities culminate in a performance by a nationally renowned theater troupe or music group.

Jacksonville University Dance Program

Jacksonville University welcomes upper-level dance students to the Abbey for an intensive learning session. The three-week program includes a lecture series with renowned European dance professionals, focused practice sessions, group and individual work, and resulting public performances. The program continues to expand annually to include a larger number of European partners.

Creation Series

Terry Netter, a professor at the University of Southern Mississippi and painter, created a series devoted to creation.

Masters de Pontlevoy International Music Academy

The Masters de Pontlevoy, under the artistic direction of Alexandre Brussilovsky, hosts 11-day workshops for accomplished classical and chamber music students. The opportunity for these young musicians to study with some of the world's greatest virtuosos is enhanced by the chance to perform publicly as solo artists during a student/professor concert series. This series is offered free of charge, allowing greater public access to the rich cultural life of Pontlevoy.

Art Expositions

The Eur-Am Center invites a variety of regional and international artists to exhibit their work in the Abbey's unparalleled environment. In 2005, the organization opened its permanent art installation with the "Windows on the World" series, created by an established American artist in response to the September 11th attacks. This series both supports The Eur-Am Center's vision of promoting global understanding and serves as the foundation for an expanding art collection on display to the public.

Corporate Events

The Eur-Am Center has hosted several national and multinational corporations at the Abbey for various corporate learning programs. The Abbey's modern amenities combined with its historic and scenic location provide the ideal environment for corporate retreat sessions, team-building exercises, and motivational workshops.

Private Events - Receptions, Weddings

In addition to educational programming, The Eur-Am Center opens its doors to the public, bridging itself to the community. The Eur-Am Center invites visitors to host private events in the Abbey's reception halls, picturesque gardens, magnificent chapel, and other unique facilities. This prestigious location has been featured in numerous publications in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.