With the Loire Valley being so lush and beautiful, the region offers an array of outdoor activities for locals and tourists. Enjoy a bike ride or horseback ride along the Loire or Cher rivers while seeing the castles, take in the sights from up high in a hot air balloon, walk around the markets and indulge in local products, the Loir and Cher region truly offers enjoyment for all ages.



Take an adventure down one of France’s famous rivers and discover the various small towns and impressive castles. This is one of the most beautiful ways to see the sights of the Loire Valley. Daily excursions available.




Hot Air Balloon Rides

A unique way to see the area is by taking a hot air balloon ride. Rolling hills, beautiful chateaus, and breathtaking skies from above is not only a unique but unforgettable experience.



bike riding

Bike rentals are available throughout tourist season. Biking through the Loire Valley provides an opportunity to take in all the sights, sounds, and smells the region has to offer. Stop in at a vineyard on the way or get some fresh fruit at a local market in Montrichard on the weekends.




boat cruise

Every Sunday from June 24th through October 7th, a river boat cruise departs for a seven day voyage along the Cher River in the Loire Valley. Highlights includes: shopping in Amboise, several beautiful chateau visits and an intimate visit of Da Vinci’s house. Dinner and drinks are included each night and the boathouse is a charming way to get to know the Loire Valley.



Golf Course

There are beautiful views from the golf course at Chateau de Cheverny. This idyllic 18 hole course is set in the lush Loire Valley and it shares land with the former hunting castle of Cheverny. Stop over at The Restaurant after your game for a glass of wine or the traditional formula.




mushroom cave

The mushroom caves or the Caves de Roche is a local treasure; family-owned and ten minutes from Pontlevoy by car, it is a deep series of cave galleries over 72 miles long. Over 5 types of mushrooms, ranging from the exotic shitake to the more common Paris mushroom, are grown in the cool galleries of the cave. There is also a hand-carved city that depicts country life for French people and this site is both beautiful and preserved. Daily tours are available.




fantasy forest

This adventure park is a 27-acre nature park located only 15 minutes away from the Abbey! It includes many attractions such as paintballing, canoeing, go-carting, mini-golfing and many others. Many hotels and restaurants surround the area. There even is a spa near the park to suite any of your needs.