ToursTours is the capital of the Tourraine area and the largest city in the Loire region. Tours boasts a lot of history and one can visit many museums, cathedrals, roman ruins and nearby castles. Tours also offers many restaurants, bars, cafés, shopping stores and night clubs, making it a hotspot for nightlife.
Located about 50 minutes from Pontlevoy




MontrichardSet alongside the Cher River in the heart of the Loire Valley, only a short drive from Chenoceau, Montrichard is famous for its 11th-century Donjon (castle, or keep) standing prominently upon the plateau that overlooks the village. Further historical significance and interest are the village's two elegant Romanesque churches (Église Ste-Croix and Église de Nanteuil) and the caves of Monmousseau. Colorful shops, restaurants and bars line the central street while the true hidden treasure and highlight of the village are the quaint houses, dwellings and caves that feature the distinct tufa stone architecture of the region.
Located about 10 minutes from Pontlevoy




Being the capital of France and one of the most exciting and beautiful cities, this city has much to offer. Restaurants and cafés are in abundance and can satisfy any craving one may have. After visiting some historical landmarks, spend some time shopping in Paris’ countless supply of stores, department stores (Le Printemps and Galeries Lafayette), flea markets and open air markets. And finally, the nightlife in Paris is impressive, with always something to do from movie theaters, cabarets, lively cafés, entertaining bars, and night clubs.
Located about 2h30 from Pontlevoy



AmboiseThis little historical town is charming and located alongside the Loire river. Amboise’s main attraction is its Castle as well as Clos Lucé (the final home of Leonardo da Vinci). Amboise is also host to a wonderful open air market on Fridays and Sundays, full of local cheeses, sausages, vegetables, meats, food stands, flowers, clothes, knick knacks, and so much more! Boat trips along the Loire are also available as well as hot air balloon rides and bicycle rentals. Restaurants, cafés, bars and a variety of shopping stores are also available in Amboise.
Located about 20 minutes from Pontlevoy



This city is in close proximity to Chambord and Cheverny castle and also houses its own castle in the center of town. The Chateau Royal of Blois was a royal residence to many French kings and queens, is fascinating to visit and also offers a sound a light show during the summer. Blois also offers beautiful gardens, a museum of magic, and a cathedral. Walking through the narrow cobblestones streets of Old Blois is a great way to pass an afternoon and see great half-timbered houses and countless cafés, restaurants and shopping experiences.
Located about 40 minutes from Pontlevoy