Local Food & Beverage

The Abbey is surrounded by many fine dining establishments! The cuisine options range from traditional French, to gourmet bistros, to pastry shops that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. The selection of restaurants is countless and will be sure to not disappoint.

Auberge de L'Ecole

auberge de l'ecole

If you are looking for a fine dining experience complete with your choice of Loire Valley wines, this is the place to go. This restaurant boasts a friendly staff, great service, and delicious regional dishes.



Les Tuffeaux

les tuffeaux

Located in the heart of Montrichard, Tuffeaux faces an open patio and is covered with trees and charming furniture. The food is exceptional including mushrooms from the cave de roches and homemade mashed potatoes. The prices are very reasonable for a la carte and their menus are a real steal. Very classic French cuisine with a twist.


Le Bousquet Grill

le bousquet grill

Bousquet is a true gem located fifteen minutes from Pontlevoy by car. The restaurant is carved out of a cave and specializes in steak and fries. This family-style place serves up giant portions of pate, rillette, salad and fromage for the whole table. It is reasonably priced, cozy and the staff is wonderful. Also, stop by the bar for some homemade rum after your meal; it’s worth it.

Le Procopio

le procopio

Procopio is situated in a tiny alley in Montrichard and it boasts outdoor seating and a charming indoor. Their pizzas are amazing, but I would try their mussels. The whole menu is great and you can probably share a pizza with two.

Le Patisserie/Boulangerie (Bakery)


Wonderful pastries and bakery items are baked here daily (excluding Wednesdays). Indulge in one of your favorite baked goods or try a new French pastry. We promise you will not be disappointed.


Le Commerce

le commerce

This is both a daily gathering place and charming dining establishment located in the heart of Pontlevoy and across the street from the Abbey. Here you can enjoy a local dish or simply relax on the terrace with a drink, soaking up the beautiful culture.

Cocci Market

cocci market

The local grocery store is just a 5-minute stroll away from the Abbey and will satisfy all of your food and beverage needs at a reasonable price. It includes fresh baguettes made by the local bakery daily and fresh produce.


Domaine de Roy Vineyard

domaine des roy

Our truly local vineyard, Domaine de Roy is just a five-minute walk from the Abbey. Ideal for small groups, the intimate Domaine de Roy is a Pontlevoy family-owned vineyard that hosts wine-tasting and small tours.

Monmousseau Vineyard

Monmousseau Wine Bottles

Monmousseau is a five-minute drive from the Abbey and boasts some of the best wine in the region. Its traditional cellars are made from tufa stone, the same ancient stone used to make the Loire castles. There is wine-tasting and guided tours available year-round.


Fromagerie Moreau

fromagerie moreau

One of two local cheese farms, Ferme d’O is a goat cheese farm that boasts amazing cheese samples and a wide array of goat cheese and products on sale. It is a ten-minute walk from the Abbey.