European American Center for International Education

The European-American Center for International Education (The Eur-Am Center) is charting pathways toward a global future. The Center was created in partnerships with outstanding universities and private-sector allies in the United States and Europe.

We welcome you to our platform of international lifelong educational opportunities and experiences in education, economic development, business, and cultural tourism.

Public/Private Partners

The Eur-Am Center partnerships have been developed to include the following private alliances:

»   Loire Valley Prestige, France
»   Image Rabet, Thenay, France
»   Circuits Valdeloire, Pontlevoy, France
»   Conseil General Loir-et-Cher, Blois, France
»   Strategic Engineering International, London, UK
»   CENTRECO, Orleans, France
»   The Invest in France Agency, Chicago, IL
»   Ecole de Cuisine, Chicago, IL
»   International Education, USM
»   Art Design Program, U of M
»   Wink, Minneapolis, MN
»   BlueWater Technologies, Southfield, MI
»   The American Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France
»   The Franco-American Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France
»   Questral International, Paris, France
»   Cabinet Porcher, Mer, France
»   Center for Community and Economic Development, Hattiesburg, MS
»   Wiltshire Consulting, London, UK
»   Groupe SENSE, Madrid, Spain
»   AID Cologne, Cologne, Germany

Educational Partners

The Eur-Am Center programs and initiatives are developed by academic units and faculty of the following partner institutions in the United States and Europe. Information about becoming a consortium member in the United States of America or the European Union and its benefits can be discussed. For information on consortium benefits and how to become a member institution, contact


University of Michigan Madonna University
Brother Rice High School Stanford University

The University of Greenwich (UK)

The University of Kentucky
The University of Wisconsin Superior
Mississippi University for Women

The University of Wisconsin Stout

Wayne State University

Southeastern Louisiana University

Southeastern Louisiana University
Midwestern State University
The University of Orleans (France)
Oakland University

University of Southern Mississippi
The University of Southern Mississippi